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Multiple Choice HTML Quiz Generator for Blogger/Website in minutes

Multiple Choice HTML Quiz Generator for Blogger/Website in minutes for free

Want to add quiz with timer on blogger for free, then you are in right place. This is an online tool to create mcq html, css & JavaScript quiz. The features of this html quiz generator are below.

3schools offers more than 20 versions which are completely free even the pro versions .

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Html Quiz Generator Features :-

  • Html Quiz Generator is completely free
  • No Copyright
  • Easy to add questions and answers
  • Multiple Choice support
  • Timer available
  • User can enter their name & roll no also
  • Advance Result Section
  • Preview available
  • Multiple Quiz Templates
  • Sound available
Scroll down to remove ©️ copyright, change quiz's title,background, color etc. | See Quiz Demo
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⚙ Quiz Home Box Settings

  1. Box Background Color :
  2. Box Border :
  3. Box Shadow :

⚙ Quiz Button Settings

  1. Button Background Color :
  2. Button Text Color :
  3. Button Border :
  4. Button Radius:
  5. *Answers Radius:
  6. *Answers Animation:

⚙ Quiz Final Settings

  1. Quiz Title :
  2. Start Button Text :
  3. Input Text :
  4. Roll Text Of Result :
  5. Name & Roll Require :
  6. Require Text :
  7. Time / Question:
  8. Less Time :
  9. Coin Text :
  10. Coins / Question:
  11. Display All Answers On Result:
  12. Show All Answers Text :
  13. Status Text :
  14. Right Status Text :
  15. Wrong Status Text :
  16. Time Up Status :
  17. Number of questions served :
  18. Show Our ©️ Copyright :

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Html Quiz Generator makes multiple choice quiz html code with timer for your blog/website in minutes. You can easily make a mcq quiz for your blog or web application without having any coding knowledge. Quiz Generator is completely free for all users.

Multiple Choice HTML Quiz Generator for Blogger/Website in minutes multiple choice quiz html code with timer tech mypsclife html quiz code with score 3schools quiz maker how to create a quiz website on blogger


  • There are 5 input boxes. One is for your question and the others are for your answers.
  • In the first input box , write your question and write your answers in the others box.
  • Then select a number from the dropbox box for your right answer.
  • Click on the Add Question button. [ congratulations , your first question and answers are added ]
  • Now write your question and answers again. And select a right answer from the dropdown. Then click on the Add Question button.
  • Finally, click on the copy code button to copy the generated quiz code and paste it where you want to add the quiz.

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  17. How do I create a quiz for my website?
  18. Create a free blogger quiz in minutes
  19. How do you make a quiz on Blogger?
    1=> Add questions and answers.
    2=> Change the quiz style.
    3=> Copy code and paste it on your blogger.

How to add a Quiz to your Blogger Post

  1. Follow the two steps to add a Blogger quiz to your post.
  2. Create a quiz using Html Quiz Generator for Blogger.
  3. Copy the generated code and paste it on your post.

Using this Html Quiz Generator, you can create quiz html code with timer & score for blogger. There is a html quiz template for Blogger. Using this quiz template, you can customize the quiz design and also change the style.

Html Quiz Builder generates multiple choice quiz html code with timer. In multiple-choice quiz, there is a timer for 50 seconds/question.When 10 seconds is left, automatically the timer is red in color.finally, when the time is end,the correct answer is automatically shown.

Q ➤ Is Html Quiz Generator free?Ans ➤ Yes! Html Quiz Generator is completely free even the pro versions.

Q ➤ Does the user need any registration to create a quiz?Ans ➤ No; the users don't need to register to create a quiz for their blog or website.

Q ➤ How many questions can I add to this quiz maker?Ans ➤ You are allowed to add unlimited questions.

Q ➤ Can I add a timer to this quiz?Ans ➤ Yes, a timer will be automatically added to this quiz.

Q ➤ Can I change quiz color? Ans ➤ Yes, you can change the background, color, border of this quiz.

Q ➤ How can I add this quiz code on Blogger?Ans ➤ Log in to Blogger and create a new post on your blog. Select the <>HTML view from 🖊Compose view and paste the code in the editor. Then click on the Publish button. Finally, the quiz has been successfully published.

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  1. I Want to remove "Generate Quiz by Quiz Generator" is there any way for it

  2. How to change the time ?

  3. How to change the time ?

    1. Sorry, there is no option to change the time.

  4. Anonymous6/14/2021

    This is the best html quiz generator !

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks for your feedback. But can I ask that why you can't use Quiz Generator.

    2. I make a 30 question set...but it does not work...only start button show...then not started..why?

    3. Please can you share the url/link of your post.

  6. https://www.chakrirdisha.com/2021/07/envs.html?m=1

    1. Please check the url.

      Oops; Sorry, but the page you were trying to view does not exist.

  7. https://www.chakrirdisha.com/2021/07/gk-quiz.html?m=1

    Quiz does not start....plz help

  8. 2-3 days your quiz html code does not work in my site...why? Plz help me quickly

    1. The link that you provided is not publish. Please publish your post for 2 days.

  9. Sir, I made Quiz with 20 question. After pasting HTML in my blog, it did not work...only Start button is shown up. When I click on it, no response.
    this is my post link:
    Thank you

    1. I checked your post and we got to know that in version 2 there is some issue. Actually, you can't use ' and , in question and also Answer. We are extremely sorry for that. You should use version 6.

    2. If you want this quiz that you already made in version 2,we will provide a download link. Please comment if you want.

  10. I discovered three work area quiz maker programs that truly grabbed my eye. what disney character am i

  11. Is there anyway to let the browser refresh the page everytime the user choose an answer and move to the next question using a next button?

    1. There is no way in this version. Because when the user clicks on the next button and refreshes the browser, the quiz will start from the beginning.

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    bdsm quiz

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  15. Add this html on blogger. The site monetize or not

  16. how to remove your credit in quiz diolag box.

    1. For that you must use all pro version . VISIT

  17. Can I limit number of questions

  18. Replies
    1. Using Type B-version 8 on Google Sheet Quiz Demo

  19. https://theglobx.blogspot.com/2020/09/online-shopping.html
    how i add on this


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