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Free Contact Us page generator for Blogger

Stylish Contact Us page generator for blogger free

Blogger Contact Form API was recently updated and you need to add Contact Form Widget through Layout Section. But it may slow our blog speed . So this article will guide you to create a stylish contact us page on your blog.

Before you follow the steps, demo our contact us page Click Here.

STEP 1:- Go to Blogger and create a new blog.

STEP 2:- Then go to the Theme section of the created blog.

STEP 3:- Click on the drop-down button and click on Restore.

Now download the theme Download

STEP 4:- After restoring this theme, view your new blog and copy the url / link.

STEP 5:- Now go to your main blog and create a new page.

STEP 6:- Copy the below code and paste on there after switching to HTML mode.

<b style="display:none">Contact Us</b>
<iframe style="width:100%;height:500px;border:none;" src="https://dyfk.blogspot.com/" scrolling="no">

STEP 7:- Change the link / url . (your new blog url that you have already copied)

Congratulations👏! you have done.

-------------------------*****--------------------------- Step 1> Enter Your Blog Url.
Step 2> Enter Your Blog Id. Find Id
Step 3> Click on ⚙ Settings button to customize.

Create about us page click here

Just 3 steps to create your own contact us page for Blogger .

Step 1> Enter your blog url [ https://www.3schools.in ]

Step 2> Enter your blog Id.

Go to blogger, click on Posts section and copy the url.

Free responsive contact us form generator for Blogger

The Id is 7239467551420367256

What is a contact us page and contact us form?

A contact us page is a common and also one of the most important pages on every website that contains one or more of the following information of the website's owner. For example, website's owner email address, phone number and a contact form that allows users to connect the website's owner directly.

How long will this tool take to create a contact us page for my blog?

It depends on you. But in my case it takes a maximum of 30 seconds to generate a stylish contact us form.

Contact us page generator for Blogger helps you to create a responsive contact form for Blogger without having any coding knowledge.

Contact Us Page is one of the most important pages for your readers,customers etc. So you should definitely create a contact us page because whenever, your customers want to contact you they can do that by visiting the contact us page which you have already created.

If you want to monetize your blog by Adsense, then you have to definently create a contact us page.

Stylish contact us form generator makes a contact form by using this form,user can easily contact you.

Contact Us Page is one of the important pages to get Adsense approval.

Contact Us Page Generator for Blogger will provide stylish contact form HTML Code for free, by using this generated code, you will able to make a Contact Form for Blogger.

How do You make a contact us page on Blogger?

Step 1> Enter Your Blog Url & Id.

Step 2> Change The Contact Form Style (background, color,border etc.).

Step 3> Copy The Code & Paste It on Your Blogger Page.

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