Multiple Choice Quiz Maker With Categories

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  2. Border :
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  1. Background Color:
  2. Text Color:
  3. Border :
  4. Border Radius :
  5. Shadow :
Preview :-

➕ Add One More Label / Category


➕ Add One More Label / Category


➕ Add One More Label / Category


Create multiple topics quizzes in one quiz

Multiple Choice Quiz Maker With Categories
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  1. Please, give your suggestion below comment box to improve Quiz Generator.

  2. not able to add more labels or categories

    1. It works perfectly 👍 d:

    2. Anonymous4/11/2022

      only we can able to make 4 labels/categories
      can we add more than 4 labels/categories

    3. Using our tool, you can add maximum 4 labels/categories but if you have coding knowledge, then you are allowed to add more than 4 labels/categories.

    4. I added categories more than 10.

  3. This version works well.
    We are happy using it!
    Great work.
    When the internet is off the MCQ still works.

  4. Sir APU!
    If we give some suggestions for new MCQ, will you accept?
    I mean it is time to build TYPE B Version 10.

  5. Sir Apu!
    Here is the suggestion for TYPE B version 10
    Please pay attention,
    Thanks a lot!

  6. Sir Apu!
    How can we add the answer key to unsolved and wrong solved of the questions at the end of the test?

  7. Sir Apu!
    I tried in script to change the number of the questions that are to be given from the bank ( for example there are 50 questions in the test bank and we are to give the student 20 questions of them) but something always went wrong.
    What should I do?
    Please help!

    1. Hello Nodirbek , I don't think it's possible what you want (type B-V9)! But I think users can end the quiz after completing 20 questions of the test bank of 50 questions by clicking the "See Result" button. Am I right?

    2. Thank you for your answer.
      Your last post on the site was on May 6, so I thought you changed your job and moved to another website because you didn't post or comment. ))))
      You are here and we are very happy hearing from you.
      B type | Version 1 everyone thought it was the greatest ever.
      But over time, you’ve developed the versions step by step.
      Version 9 is the best today.
      Am I right?
      You have an amazing talent and I’m sure you can do any programming code.
      I am sure that in the coming days there will be other versions, such as 10, ... 15, ... 17.
      Try it, you will succeed, am I right ??
      The days will come You will remain in history as a great programmer.
      You may not believe that millions of students today are very grateful to YOU ​​for using your programs.
      The number of students who were able to solve 90% or more of the 500 questions of the entire test bank in one day reached about 10,000 in one day and they received certificates!
      You are helping to educate humanity around the world.
      Maybe millions of thanks seem useless to you today.
      But everyone has his own HOLY life.
      You are enriching your life with goodness.
      Not even billionaires have that!

  8. Dear Apu!
    How can I add password field to version 9 like vesion 5?
    Please help!

    1. Hello Nodirbek, sorry to say but as I already told that anyone can't add their own code to this code because the code generated by Quiz Generator is encrypted.

    2. Thanks for the answer.
      I have seen other MCQ apps and even open sources.
      But I like your apps.
      Great work and design.
      Works fast even the internet is off it goes on working.
      We'd rather you improved & developed your MCQ apps soon.
      We practically use these apps. so we need them.
      What about the next versions?

    3. Sir Apu!
      You see we can change the time for given questions in javascript in your app any time.
      So, please help us to change the number of questions to be asked from the entire test bank.
      We need your help!

  9. Dear Apu!
    I looked through the way your app works.
    Something is missing I think.
    About the certificates.
    And one more question.
    Why do these tests have 10 to 14 questions?
    "cos using your apps our students solve the 100 new words tests in 2 half minutes or 3.

    1. That’s why I’m waiting, I think you should give your advice to improve it.
      All the quizzes have 10 questions because I think the readers, play these quizzes can easily learn by heart although I am not the creator of that quiz.

    2. I will be very glad to be helpful for your apps.
      I have some suggestions of course.
      A few of them are here below.
      1) You have to add hover background to make it be more designed . (I added and it is working great, my students love this option)
      2) I add 200 to 500 questions per a day to your MCQ app. And How do I do that while in your country adding questions is still difficult for the users. At first in TYPE A adding question and answers was difficult and you made it easy in TYPE A /version 7.
      So, TYPE B also needs like this.
      In Type B I add questions using MS-excel.
      3) The Certificate or Diploma design is very poor in
      Even BAD!!!
      In 1 day I can give my students more than 10 thousand certificates. I take google sheet data and connect to MS-Word to make the certificates automatically.
      4) etc...

    3. About 14 questions!
      If the app containes more and more questions-anwers (test) data then the users think it is the best one. They always compare with other apps.

  10. 1) Here how I used excel to add questions.

    2) Here are the certificates

    3) Here is how I automatically made certificates with MS-WORD.

    4) The MS-EXCEL that helped word to make certificates.


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