Free online MCQ quiz maker no sign up

Apu 07 January
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MCQ with show answer button quiz maker | Free online MCQ quiz maker no sign up

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Free online MCQ quiz maker no sign up

HTML code for question and answer box

HTML code for online quiz program

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  1. Nodirbek Fayzullayev
    Nodirbek Fayzullayev
    Sir! Great work! Thanks a lot!
    I want to know if there is possibility to make random the answers.
    Questions are given ramdom order but the answers are not!
    One more question please...
    If we want to make a test bank and we want the HTML choose random 10 or 20 question among the 60 or 80 questions.
    How can we solve this?
  2. Nodirbek Fayzullayev
    Nodirbek Fayzullayev
    one more question.
    as we see the one can enter his name and at the end test we see the name on the panel "See the result"
    If a few peole enter their names and can we see the results in alphebetical older of the names or in the order of lowest to the greatest results?
    And there should be another button to see the total resuls who attendend the test whole the time. Maybe, there can be an olimpiad order...
    • Apu
      For this you need to save the username to the database or server. So that users can see the full result.
    • Nodirbek Fayzullayev
      Nodirbek Fayzullayev
      We are new hee to write programmes yet.
      Can you help us in details plz?
    • Apu
      Of course brother.
    सर मैं एक ब्लॉग शुरू कर रहा हु जिसमे मैं आपके कोड लगाना चाहता हु। जिसमे किसी प्रकार कोई कॉपीराइट तो नही आएगा ?
    सर कॉपीराइट क्लेम तो नही आएगा
    • Apu
      नहीं, कोई कॉपीराइट क्लेम नहीं होगा।
  5. Babas
    can you make when the answer showed the button caption become "hide answer" ?