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Apu 01 October
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How to use Voice to text converter.

Step 1 :- Select you language from the drop down.

Step 2 :- Click on the Mike Icon.

Step 3 :- Please allow our Speech to Text converter to use your microphone.

Step 4 :- It's working.

Make sure you are using Google Chrome browser.

What is speech to text converter?

We all know that typing is time-consuming. It takes much longer to type than to think. This method slows down your work. So has come up with a solution for you. Voice to text converter is a free online tool that helps you to convert your spoken words into written words in real-time.

What are the advantages of speech to text converter?

Voice to Text Converter offers you these business benefits:-

1 :- It saves your time.

2 :- Quick content writing.

3 :- You do not have to write the content yourself.

Many people are unaware of a simple truth. A speech-to-text converter helps you to convert your voice into text so that you can write a long article without the hassle of spending hours writing the long article yourself.

Free online speech to text translation helps you to convert your voice into text. If you have a blog and you write content for that blog by typing it yourself then you can easily write content for your blog using this speech to text converter. You do not have to write text manually for your blog.

Free Online Speech to Text Converter for bloggers

If you are a blogger or content writer, then you should use this voice to text converter . Because, It saves your time , easy to use, without installing any Android app and completely free. Speech to text converter is used daily by students, teachers, writers, bloggers around the world.

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