Multiple Choice Html Quiz Generator for Blogger/Website

Apu 05 September
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Multiple Choice HTML Quiz Code Generator for Blogger/Website in minutes for free

By using this Quiz Generator, you can create multiple choice quiz with timer for your blog. You can use Quiz Generator without signing up.

Quiz Generator makes multiple-choice quiz with timer. In multiple-choice quiz, there is a timer for 30 seconds/question.When 10 seconds is left, automatically the timer is red in color.finally, when the time is end,the correct answer is automatically shown.

Multiple Choice Html Quiz Generator for Blogger/Website

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    nice but in quiz b version where i have to write answerquizzes
    • Apu
      Thanks info18hazari, You can give your suggestions to improve Quiz Generator.
    Where to write the correct answer. There are only four answers. Where to write the correct answer
    • Apu
      After the "copy code" button. (Select 1,2,3 or 4 as you want.)
    please sir can we show your video where i can see Quizzes answers option
    if video not possible the n plz can you send me screen shots
  5. Hamro Status
    Hamro Status
    Hello sir how time ko decrease time