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Apu 16 May

It’s no secret that online quizzes are an effective way to engage and assess student learning. But with so many quiz makers available, it can be hard to know which one is best for teachers. To make your life a little easier, we’ve rounded up the top 10 best online quiz makers for teachers!

1. Quizizz: This free app allows you to create multiple-choice quizzes with images or text in minutes and share them with students instantly through a game-like interface. It also has built-in analytics that provide real-time feedback on how well each student performs during the assessment process – perfect for tracking progress over time!

2. Kahoot!: This popular platform offers both paid and free versions of its software, allowing you to create interactive games from scratch or choose from thousands of prebuilt activities created by other educators around the world! Plus, it includes features like leaderboards and virtual rewards that make playing fun while motivating students at the same time!

3 .Socrative: With Socrative's easy drag & drop interface , creating engaging assessments is simple ! You can also use this tool as an anonymous polling system if needed , making sure all voices are heard without bias . Additionally , there's even a mobile version so your students can take part wherever they may be !

4 . Forms : Google Forms makes creating surveys quick & easy - plus they're completely customizable too ! Whether you want short answer questions or multiple choice options (or both) - this program has got everything covered when it comes down to testing out knowledge in class settings !

5. ProProfs Quiz Maker : ProProfs' library of templates helps get projects started quickly but their customization options allow users full control over every aspect including adding pictures / videos / audio files etc... giving extra depth when trying out new ideas within lessons plans without any hassle whatsoever !